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The Toolbar

The toolbar appears at the top of every catalogue page. The toolbar provides access to four features:

  • Home Page
  • Catalogue Commands
  • Help Menu
  • Quick Search

OPAC Toolbar

Home Page

Clicking the Home link opens the catalogue Home Page.

Catalogue Commands

Advanced Search 
The Advanced Search link opens the Search page that allows you to create and submit a search. Search resets your Breadcrumbs.
Browse Menu 
The Browse menu contains the following catalogue command:
Command Function
Thesaurus (Thesaurus) Opens the Browse Thesaurus page for the named thesaurus (authority file).
Help Menu 
The Help menu provides a gateway to Webtop OPAC online help content and includes the following options:
Command Function
Help Contents Opens a window to the Webtop OPAC online help index.
Help for this page Opens a window to the Webtop OPAC online help topic for the currently displayed page.
About Open Text Library Management Webtop OPAC Provides access to Open Text Library Management Webtop OPAC copyright and version information.

Quick Search

The Quick Search box displayed in the Webtop OPAC toolbar allows you to perform a new search without using the Search page. By default, the Quick Search searches most fields in the Catalogue record for the value that you enter in the search box. To perform a Quick Search, specify a value in the text box and click the Go button. Quick Search queries can contain all Collections Server wildcard characters, ranges, and term lists. The catalogue displays the result of the search in a new Search Results page.

If searching multiple fields, use the & between your search terms. More examples are listed on the Home page.