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Full Display

The Full Display page shows bibliographic information for the selected library catalogue record. The Copies area displays details for physical copies, including library location and availability.

  • For more information about the Quick Search, and other actions available in the Full Display page toolbar, see Toolbar help.
  • Information about links to previous Search Results can be found on the Breadcrumbs help page.

Record Navigation Aids

The catalogue provides navigation aids above and below each record to help you browse through catalogue records in a result set. The navigation aids are as follows:

Item Function
Record Record Number The field displays the record's position in the current result set. To skip directly to another member of the result set; enter the desired row number in the field and then press the Enter key.
First First Links to the first record in the result set.
Previous Previous Links to the record in the result set that appears before the current record.
Next Next Links to the record in the result set that follows the current record.
Last Last Links to the last record in the result set.

Catalogue Record Data

The record data area of the Full Display page displays the values stored in the fields of the current catalogue record. The catalogue displays only those fields that contain data.

Find More...

Some fields are defined as links to let you find out more about a subject, more materials by an author, or other titles in a series. Click and author name or a subject link to perform a search for matching records.


Viewing Digital Content

A record may have one or more digital content items attached. Digital content is a document, image, or some other digital object related to the catalog item. For example, a catalog item's digital content may include a pdf of the table of contents page. If the catalogue item includes digital content, you can view the digital content by clicking the links in the Digital Content field.

To view the digital content in its native format, click the View Application link, where Application is the application associated with the digital content type. For example, for Adobe PDF files the link is View PDF. If the application type is unknown, the link is View Master.

To view only the text portion of digital content, click the Navigate Text link. See the Digital Content Display help page for more information.

Copy Record Data

The Copies area of the Full Display page includes Options that relate to a selected Copy Record. For example, you can see the latest issues received.


Actions Function
View issues For serials, this option will display a schedule of issues received and expected by the library on the Serials Issues page.


The Full Display page includes the Actions list that contains the following commands:

Actions Function
Highlight Term (on/off) Enables or disables highlighting of each occurrence of a search term in the item display.
Return to search results Returns to the search results list.