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Result Set Filters

The Result Set Filters allow you to quickly isolate the records from your current result set which have the greatest value. These filters are displayed in Result Set Filter panels on the Search Results page.

  • Filter Results
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Filter Results

Rank by facets appear in the Filter Results panel.

Rank by field

A Rank by field search filter lists values from the specified field beginning with the most commonly occurring term. Each facet indicates the term and the number of items from your search that contain the term. Click a Rank by facet to view a subset of results including only those items which contain the selected term. To view more rank values, use the scroll bar. If there is no scroll bar, then all rank values are displayed.

Filter Results


Notify Terms facets appear in the Info panel.

Notify Terms

When your search includes a field that is linked to a thesaurus and configured by your System Administrator to support notification, the Notify Terms facet displays terms from your search that have information relation-types or for which switching occurs. Click an expand Expand or collapse Collapse icon to display more or less information about a term in the Notify Terms facet.

Notify Terms