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Search the Library Catalogue

Use the Search page to construct and submit library catalogue search requests. The search results are displayed on the Search Results page.

For more information about the Quick Search, and other actions available in the Search page toolbar, see Catalogue Toolbar help.

Performing Searches

To perform a simple search, enter search values in one or more of the field input boxes in the Search For area, and then click the Search button. If you want to create a more specific query, you can use search features and operators to refine your search request. Search features available on the Search form are explained below.

For more information about how to use wildcard characters and punctuation marks, see Additional Search Features. For more information about how to use search operators, see Search Operators.

The following table explains how to use the search features available on the Search page:

Search Feature Use
Search Assistant icon Search Assistant Browse a field index or thesaurus and select terms to add to the input boxes.
Select a  field list Search library catalogue fields in addition to those displayed on the page by default
Full Text field Search the full text of digital content items. Digital content is a document, image, or some other digital entity related to a catalogue item. For example, a catalogue item's digital content may include a table of contents in PDF form.
Combine fields with list Select a value that creates a relationship between two or more search fields. Webtop supports the following field connectors:
  • AND, which means all criteria are true. This is usually the default connector.
  • OR, which means any criterion is true.
  • AND NOT, which means the first criterion is true and a second is not true.
Return only records with Full Text check box Return only catalogue items that include digital content. This is useful if you need to access content immediately.
Library field To restrict your search to materials owned by certain libraries, click the names of the libraries you want to search. To search multiple libraries, press and hold the CTRL key while you click library names.

Note: Digital content belongs to ALL libraries so this restriction will be ignored for records with documents attached.

Material Type field To restrict your search to certain material types, click the types of materials for which you want to search. To search multiple types, press and hold the CTRL key while you click types.
Sort by list Specify the field to order and display items found for your search request. Also, you can indicate whether records are displayed in ascending or descending order.
Results per page list Specify the number of records to display on each result set page.
Hit highlighting list Specify whether terms are highlighted in the search result. Specify by selecting YES or NO from the list. Highlighted terms are displayed in boldface.