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Search Results

The Search Results page displays the library catalogue items that match your search criteria. It displays the following information for each item:

  • Year of publication
  • Title
  • Edition
  • Author
  • Type of Material

Click a field name link to sort the items alphabetically by field values, or with the most recent dates first in the Year field.
Click the item link to display it on the Full Display page.

  • For more information about the Quick Search, and other actions available in the toolbar, see Toolbar help.
  • Information about links to previous Search Results can be found on the Breadcrumbs help page.

Search Statement

Your search statement appears as the page title below the Search Results page toolbar. The search statement may be truncated with an asterisk (*) automatically if you selected a very long term from the Browse page or a Search Results filter.

Previous/Next Icons

The Previous Previous and Next Next icons display the previous or next group of search results. You can specify the number of members to display in each group by selecting a value from the Show items per page list at the bottom of the Search Results page or the Results Per Page field on the Search the Library Catalogue page. If all items in the Search Results can be displayed on the page at once, the Previous/Next links are not available.

Table Footer

Member Field

The member field specifies which item appears first and last in the Search Results display and the number of items in the Search Results. To skip directly to another section of items, enter the desired row number in the member field input box and then press the Enter key.

Material Type Icons

Icons illustrate the type of material for each record. Hover your mouse over the icon to see the material type name. The digital content icon appears next to the material type for any catalogue record that has digital content attached. Digital content may be a document, image, or other object related to a catalogue item regardless of its material type.

Result Set Actions

The Search Results page includes the Actions list that contains the following actions:

Action Description
Show expanded results Displays the current result set with the fields that appear on the default Full Display page.
Highlight Term (on/off) Enables or disables highlighting of each occurrence of a search term in the result set.

Field Sort Links

Click a column header to sort the result set in ascending order based on the values in that field. The entire result set is sorted. Note : sorting a compound field may change the number of members in the result set since each record appears once for each subfield value.