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Digital Content Display

The Digital Content Display page lets you view and navigate the text portion of the selected digital content item.

  • For more information about the Quick Search, and other catalogue actions available in the Digital Content Display page toolbar, see Toolbar help.
  • Information about links to previous Search Results can be found on the Breadcrumbs help page.


The Digital Content Display page includes the Actions list that contains the following commands:

Action Function
Highlight Term (on/off) Enables or disables highlighting of each occurrence of a search term in the item display.
Show Complete Document (on/off) Enables or disables the display of all text in the digital content item. If this feature is off, the text is presented in pages. Use the navigation links First, Previous, Next, and Last to navigate to other pages.
View Master Displays the digital content item in its native format. For example, if you click this option for a digital content item in Adobe PDF format, the system attempts to display it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hit-to-hit Navigation

If you performed a full text search, you can use hit-to-hit navigation to jump to each occurence of your search term in the text. Click the Next Hit link Next Hit to move to the next occurrence of your search terms, or click the Previous Hit link Previous Hit to move to the previous occurrence of your search terms.

Hit links will not appear if the "Show Complete Document" is toggled off.