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Titles: Goff and Jones on unjust enrichment
The law of unjust enrichment
The law of restitution
Common law library
Authors: Mitchell, Charles (Editor)
Mitchell, Paul (Editor)
Watterson, Stephen (Editor)
Edition: 10th edition
Place : Publisher: London : Sweet & Maxwell
Publ Year: 2022
Call Number: KN20.2.A1 GOF
Subjects: Unjust Enrichment
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
Collation: 1093 pages
Contents Note: Part One Introduction
Part Two Justifying grounds: Justifying grounds: statutes, judgments and natural obligations - Justifying grounds: contracts
Part Three Enrichment: Enrichment: general principles - Enrichment: types of benefit
Part Four At the claimant's expense: At the claimant's expense: personal claims - At the claimant's expense: proprietary claims
Part Five Grounds for restitution: Lack of consent and want of authority - Mistake - Duress - Undue influence and unconscionable bargains - Failure of basis: general principles - Failure of basis: bases of transfer - Failure of basis: deposits - Frustrated contracts - Anticipated contracts that do not materialise - Free acceptance - Necessity - Secondary liability: overview -
Secondary liability: contribution and reimbursement - Secondary liability: insurers' subrogation rights - Money paid as taxes and other levies that are not due - Ultra vires payments by public bodies - Legal incapacity - Illegality - Benefits conferred under judgments and orders that are later reversed
Part Six Defences: Change of position - Ministerial receipt - Bona fide purchase and good consideration - Estoppel - Counter-restitution impossible - Passing on - Limitation - Legal incapacity - Illegality
Part Seven Remedies: Personal remedies and interest awards - Proprietary remedies: general principles - Proprietary remedies: trusts and liens - Proprietary remedies: subrogation to extinguished proprietary rights - Proprietary remedies: rescission and rectification
Series: Common law library
ISBN: 9780414101913
Type of Material: Text
Digital Content: Table of contents   [View PDF]
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